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Windshield Repair

Rock chip & long crack repair specialist.
We repair cracks up to 26 inches long.
We focus on saving your windshield - not replacing it.
Don't let a simple repair turn into a (costly) replacement

A trusted name in windshield repair

96% of all windshield replacements are caused by damage that originated from a simple, repairable rock chip. Save yourself from unnecessary costs and get your windshield repaired today.

Why get your repair from Astro Mobile Windshield Repair?
We have a mobile service
We are locally owned
We are certified and insurance company approved

Repair when possible - replace when necessary

Why you should keep your original windshield as long as possible: Aside from the fact that new windshields are expensive, there is a safety factor involved.

Your original windshield is actually a safety device. Rollovers have the highest fatality rate of any car accident type. In the event of a roll over, your original windshield attributes 30% to 70% of your roof support and helps to prevent your roof from caving in on you. Original, factory installed, windshields provide much of the same support that steel A-pillars did in older cars.

Additionally, the windshield aids and assists in the proper deployment of air bags and is designed to keep the occupants in the car inside the vehicle during a crash.

The problem?

The fact is that no windshield replacement company can duplicate the original seal on a factory installed windshield. Additionally, aftermarket windshields are not manufactured to the same standards and tolerances as original, factory glass.

Therefore, a replacement windshield loses much of its value and intended purpose as a safety device.

Our guarantee:

We offer a 100% money back guarantee on our repairs for as long as you own the vehicle. Should the repair ever fail, we will refund your money. Receipt required.

Additionally, if you are not happy with your repair for any reason at the time the repair is done, you don't pay-its just that simple!

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Astro Mobile Windshield repair is a locally owned, certified and insurance company approved windshield repair specialist.
We come to your office, home or other place of choice.
Locally owned and certified.
Highest rated rock chip and long crack repair company in the area.
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